How to deposit and withdraw from Binomo via Easypaisa and JazzCash

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Binomo is a global online trading platform that cooperates with the most reliable payment systems in each country of its presence. Popular e-wallets such as Easypaisa and JazzCash are available for traders from Pakistan. In this review, we will explain how to deposit money in your Binomo account and withdraw it through these payment methods.


Easypaisa is one of the most popular deposits and withdrawal options for Pakistani users. Below we will give step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

How to deposit money in the Binomo account?

These steps can guide you through funding your Binomo account using SMS:

  1. Open the Binomo website, and click the yellow “Deposit” button at the top right corner. If you use the Binomo app, select “Balance” from the menu.
    deposit cashmaal 1
  2. Choose Pakistan from the drop-down list of countries, followed by Easypaisa.
    deposit easypaisa 2
  3. Enter the amount, then press “Deposit”. Note that the minimum amount you can deposit in Binomo is $10.
    deposit cashmaal 3
  4. Take in the details (bank name and account number).
    deposit easypaisa 4
  5. Enter *786# on your phone and dial it.
  6. Enter 1 and tap “Reply” to select the “Money Transfer” option.
  7. Enter 3 and tap “Reply” to select the option “Bank Transfer”.
  8. Select the bank name from step 4, and click “Reply”.
  9. Enter the reference mobile number, then tap Reply” again.
  10. Enter 7 on the reply space to select online purchase, and push “Reply”.
  11. Provide the amount you wish to deposit and click “Reply”.
  12. Insert your Easypaisa 5-digit PIN, and tap “Reply” again.
  13. Make a note of the payment’s Transaction ID (TID), and select “Dismiss”.
  14. Return to the Binomo deposit page and fill in the TID from the preceding step. Select the “Verify” option.
  15. Tap “Complete my transaction”, and you will see that it is successfully completed.

If you are using the Easypaisa app, you can proceed from step 4:

  1. Go to the transaction section, provide your mobile number, then choose “Bank account”.
    deposit easypaisa 3
  2. Select the name of your bank and provide the account number you captured in step 4.
    deposit easypaisa 5
  3. Enter the amount and purpose of your payment, then press “Next”.
  4. Check if all the details shown are correct. Tap “Send now”, then take note of the Transaction ID.
    deposit easypaisa 6
  5. Return to Binomo, provide the account number you used to make the payment, the holder’s name, and the Transaction ID, then click “Confirm payment”.
    deposit easypaisa 7
  6. You will see a popup that says, “Payment successful”.
    deposit easypaisa 8

The deposit is often credited to the Binomo account instantly, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. To view the status of your payment, go to the “Deposit” tab in the upper-right corner and then to the “Transaction history” tab.

If there is a problem with a deposit in Binomo

If your transaction did not go through due to a disconnection or any other issue, here is what you can do.

Step 1: Visit the “Already paid” page of Easypaisa, provide the Transaction ID you captured in step 13 in the above instruction, and click the “Verify” link.

Step 2: Tap the link “Complete my Transaction”, and you will have your payment made.

How to withdraw money from Binomo?

Cash withdrawal in Binomo has conditions and policies that you must adhere to. The minimum withdrawal amount on Binomo is $10 or equivalent in PKR. The maximum withdrawal limit varies, with per day being $3000, per week $10,000, and per month $40,000.

To send funds from Binomo to Easypaisa, follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Log into your trading account, and tap “Deposit” followed by “Withdraw funds”.
    withdraw easypaisa 1
  2. Provide the amount and select Easypaisa in the withdrawal method section.
    withdraw easypaisa 2
  3. Enter your name and IBAN number (you can find it in the Easypaisa app by clicking on the “My Account” section followed by “Account Information”), and the name of your wallet.
    withdraw easypaisa 3
  4. Tap on “Request Withdrawal”.

You can continue trading as your request is being processed. The withdrawal time may be up to three days, depending on your account type. Visit the “Transaction History” section if you want to check the status of the withdrawal.


JazzCash is another popular payment method for Binomo traders from Pakistan. Let’s look at how to add and withdraw funds using this mobile wallet.

Depositing using the JazzCash app

deposit jazzcash
Here is how to deposit money in Binomo via the JazzCash app:

  1. Click the “Deposit” icon at the top-right corner of the Binomo platform.
  2. Click the “Сountry” option, then select Pakistan.
  3. Specify JazzCash as your deposit method.
  4. Enter the amount, then click the “Deposit” button.
  5. Take note of the required info, which includes the bank name, the bank account number, and a reference mobile number.
  6. Launch the JazzCash app, then click “Send money”.
  7. On the transfer type, select “To Bank” and tap the arrow to proceed.
  8. Select the bank mentioned in step 5, then tap the arrow to continue.
  9. In the respective fields, provide the bank account number, amount, and your reference mobile number. Also, select the purpose of payment among those provided. Choose “Others” if none matches your goal, and tap the arrow to continue.
  10. Enter your JazzCash MPIN or Touch ID to confirm the transaction. Once done, a Transaction ID number (TID) will appear; kindly take note of it.
  11. Return to Binomo and fill in the TID from the previous step. Select the “Verify” option.
  12. Click the button “Complete my transaction” to end the payment.
  13. You will see the message “Payment successful” with the transaction details.

To view the status of your deposit, go to the “Transaction history” section.

Depositing using JazzCash SMS

You can also deposit funds to your account using SMS if you have a JazzCash mobile carrier. Follow these simple steps from step 5 above in the above instruction:

  1. Dial *786# in your phone, then select the following:
    1. “Send money”;
    2. “To bank”;
    3. “Bank”.
  2. Provide the bank name and account number you captured in step 5 in the above instruction.
  3. Enter the amount to deposit.
  4. Provide the reference mobile number.
  5. Fill in your JazzCash MPIN and note the Transaction ID (TID).
  6. Return to Binomo, enter the above TID, then click “Verify”.
  7. Tap on “Complete my transaction”.

If you completed the steps correctly, and the funds have not been credited to your trading account within 24 hours, get in touch with the manager via

How to withdraw from Binomo using JazzCash?

Follow the steps below to withdraw from Binomo to your JazzCash mobile wallet:

  1. Go to your trading account and tap “Deposit” followed by “Withdraw funds” (“Balance” and “Withdrawal” in the Binomo app).
    withdraw easypaisa 1
  2. Enter the amount and select JazzCash as the withdrawal method.
  3. Provide your name in the “Bank account holder” section.
    withdraw easypaisa 2
  4. Enter your JazzCash 24 digits IBAN number. You can find it by opening your JazzCash app and tapping “My Account,” followed by “RAAST ID management”.
    withdraw jazzcash 1
  5. While your request is being approved, which may take up to three days, you can continue trading on Binomo.

When your withdrawal request goes through, you will see proof in the “Transaction history” tab.

How to cancel a payment?

If you change your mind about making a deposit in Binomo or want to change its amount, you can cancel the transaction. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the “Already paid” page of the Easypaisa or JazzCash app, then select the “Cancel my transaction” option on the left-side menu.
  2. Provide the reason for canceling in the space below, then click “Send”.
  3. Your transaction will be canceled, and the amount will not be credited to your Binomo account.


Trading comes with the risk of losing capital, so practicing on a free Binomo account is essential before making any deposit. To learn how to trade, you can also check the Help Center and contact support anytime.

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