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Many users may have questions about whether Binomo is real or fake, halal or haram. Below we will give answers to them and prove that the platform deserves your trust.

Criteria for understanding Binomo scam or legit

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Even though Binomo has a strong market position and is one of the most popular trading platforms in over 130 countries, beginners are often unsure of its reliability. On forums and social networks, you can find the question of whether Binomo is safe or not.

Questions also arise about whether the Binomo trading platform is legal and safe in India, Nigeria, or other countries. Let’s take a closer look.

Is the company fake or real?

Experienced traders tend to pay attention to the physical address of the company that owns the platform. A reliable company does not hide its location. Binomo is a legal platform owned by Dolphin Corp LLC. The company is officially registered in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and is subject to the laws of this country.

Note! If you have any complaints or suggestions about the platform’s work, you can always write to

The company is recognized as reliable

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Suppose you cannot physically verify whether the company is based in St.Vincent and the Grenadines in reality, as stated on the Binomo website, or if it is a fake. In that case, you can check this information in another way.

Firstly, the Internet allows you to quickly check the accuracy of information through various services, such as Google maps. Secondly, other organizations, such as the Financial Commission, confirm the company’s reality by guaranteeing compensation payments to traders in case of a dispute with Binomo.

Company work duration

Binomo is a safe place for your investment and trading. It is proved by the years of the platform’s work on the market. For more than 7 years, Binomo has been providing its services to traders, improving its usefulness yearly. So, Binomo is not a fraud; it has earned the trust of its customers through many years of work.

What is Binomo?

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Binomo is a modern trading platform with millions of traders around the world. It works through both the website and the app. In both cases, trading is convenient.

Binomo knows how important platform quality is for efficient trading. That is why it pays great attention to the training of beginners, providing them with free educational materials. Binomo does not forget about experienced traders, offering unique trading proposals and different benefits.

Free trade training

If you are wondering how safe it is to trade on the Binomo platform, then there are two ways to find out:

  1. Read the opinions of users on thematic forums and social networks, like Quora or Facebook.
  2. Check out the platform yourself.

In the first case, you will be shackled by someone else’s opinion about Binomo, good or bad. But in the second case, you can learn how to trade on Binomo for free, thanks to a demo account. Here you use actual charts and assets to trade. Virtual currency is the only difference between a demo and a real account. It is a legitimate opportunity to learn how safe it is to trade on Binomo.


In addition to being regulated by the Financial Commission, Binomo is voluntarily audited by Verify My Trade. It checks the quality of 5,000 trades made by platform users every month. The VMT certificate confirms the high quality of trades and proves that Binomo is not a fake or a scam.

Note! In addition to certificates, the reliability of Binomo is confirmed by the international prizes FE Awards and IAIR Awards.

Is Binomo a fake broker?

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The Binomo investment platform is not perfect, but it is reliable and safe. Of course, traders face some issues, such as a protracted withdrawal of funds or account blocking. However, it is often enough to write in support to solve them.

It is also worth considering that the Binomo platform legally provides services in many countries. The platform contains terms and conditions that must be followed. Therefore, reading the Client Agreement at the registration stage is essential. It details how to use Binomo efficiently and without violating the rules.

Conclusion about Binomo legit

Binomo is a good place for both beginners and experienced traders. The platform not only confirms its reliability and safety with years of work but also with certificates and awards. Millions of users trust Binomo by trading daily on the platform. Therefore, the question of whether Binomo is a scam or not is closed.

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