The Binomo “Daily Free” tournament

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The “Daily Free” tournament is an exciting competition between traders on Binomo. Even beginners with a demo account can take part in it. Let’s take a look at its main features.

Benefits of the “Daily Free” tournament

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This Binomo tournament is free, limited in time, and has a real prize fund. It allows you to diversify your trading experience and test your skills.

The tournament lasts only 7 hours and has 60 prize places. The number of participants in the tournament is not limited. You can sign up for the tournament at any time while it is running.

All participants get a special tournament account with 100₮. The goal of the Binomo tournament is to have the maximum balance at the end of it.

If the transactions turned out to be fruitless, you can make a rebuy for real funds. A prerequisite for a rebuy is that the sum of funds on the account and investments in open trades must be less than 100₮. Rebuy cost is $1.00.

The guaranteed prize fund is $300. However, its final size depends on the number of participants and the rebuys made for the tournament. The prize fund is replenished from a part of the deposits made by the participants during the tournament (35-70%). The prize fund is split between all participants who have taken the top places in the standings.

As you can see, this free Binomo tournament is a gift for traders. The bonus is the opportunity for beginners with a demo account to contest with experienced traders and get income. However, as in real trading, the result depends on your knowledge and ability to make correct forecasts.

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