How to use Binomo no deposit bonus

binomo no deposit bonus Bonuses

For over eight years, Binomo has created unique opportunities for traders to get additional income. A reliable trading platform allows them to trade around the clock from over 130 countries. Binomo pays special attention to VIP traders, increasing their trading potential with the help of no-deposit bonuses.

What is a Binomo no deposit bonus?

binomo vip bonus
Binomo offers traders varieties of bonuses, and one of these is the no deposit bonus, which is presented to traders with a Standard, Gold, or VIP account. This bonus is a fixed amount of funds that can be received from a personal manager or promotion. In the first case, no deposit bonus is provided only to VIP traders.

Note! The leverage of the Binomo no deposit bonus is ordinarily 40 unless otherwise specified in the conditions for receiving the bonus.

How to get a Binomo no deposit bonus?

They are two ways to receive the Binomo no deposit bonus:

  1. Promotions: When you subscribe to the Binomo newsletter, you will be notified about new coupons/promo codes, bonuses, etc.
  2. Personal manager: All VIP traders are accompanied by a personal manager who gives no deposit bonuses.

You must activate the Binomo no deposit bonus within three days; otherwise, your bonus will be reset.

Note! Only one bonus (and risk-free trades) can be active at a time.

How to use a Binomo no deposit bonus?

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After you have gotten your Binomo coupon or promo code, you can easily use it by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the “Cashier” section, and click on the “Deposit Funds” feature.
  2. Choose your mode of payment.
  3. Input the desired amount you want to deposit.
  4. Select “Coupon bonus” and click the “Add” button.
  5. Enter code in the “Coupon” field.
  6. Check the Binomo coupon amount and proceed with the deposit for more information.

Note! You can only use one bonus at a time, even if you have multiple bonuses.

How to withdraw a Binomo no deposit bonus?

withdraw binomo bonus
Once you activate your no deposit bonus, you will not be able to withdraw funds from Binomo until you have completed the Mandatory Trading Turnover (MTT). It is the Bonus amount multiplied by its Leverage factor.

In a situation where the leverage factor is not specified, it is 40% for the Binomo no deposit bonus. Suppose you invest $100 and use a promo code for a 60% deposit increase. You will receive $60 in bonus funds. Since the bonus exceeds 50% of the deposit, the leverage factor will be 40. In this case, the MTT will be $60*40=$2400.

MTT takes into account both losing and profitable trades. “Tie” trades, trading operations in which the opening price is equal to the closing price, are not considered.

Note! You can track the trading turnover for the activated bonus in the “Bonuses” section.


Giving traders a Binomo no deposit bonus is a way to reward clients as the bonuses help them increase their trading potential. But remember that no bonus can eliminate trading risks. To make a correct forecast and minimize the risk of losing your funds, we recommend using Binomo video tutorials and a demo account.

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