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Trade forecasts require in-depth knowledge and savvy skills to analyse the ever-changing market data. Sometimes such knowledge is not enough to calculate how the price of an asset will change. Therefore, many traders use signals received from bots; but can they be used on Binomo?

What do signals signify?

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Trading signals are products of deep market analysis, which can be carried out by human specialists using technical indicators. They could also be generated with mathematical algorithms by combining market data and economic indicators.

Here are the things signals signify:

  • Point you in the right market direction.
  • Let you know when exactly to buy or sell a particular asset.
  • Help you to discern the strength of market trends.

However, not all trading platforms allow the use of signals received from outside. One such platform is Binomo.

How does a trading signal work?

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Generally, trading signals embody technical and fundamental analysis, sentiment measures, and economic factors. The objective is to employ these resources to provide traders and investors with objective facts about a particular asset. Such information allows them to allocate funds wisely and adequately manage their portfolios.

You must understand that Binomo is not using any kind of signal. It’s not allowed. Instead, thanks to a demo account, you can rely on your experience and learn how Binomo works in a safe environment. It will enable you to test different strategies and indicators, study how they work in a given situation, and what signals you need to notice to make profitable trades.

Safety of the platform

Binomo is arguably one of the safest trading platforms globally as it pays careful attention to the security of its customers. In 2018, the company received its certification from The Financial Commission, an independent dispute resolution body specializing in the financial markets.

Added to the 2015 FE Awards laurel was the 2016 IAIR Awards in recognition of the company’s respected eminence in global financial markets. These are proof of the company’s reliability and transparency. In addition, the risks of clients are insured by current laws.


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Many traders use software to receive trading signals. They help them decide which trading strategy to choose. Some programs even automate the process, making an analysis and decision for the trader. But such a signal may be incorrect, and you risk losing your investment.

For this reason, Binomo prohibits the use of trading algorithms. A trader must be able to read a chart, analyze the market, use indicators to see the proper signal, make a forecast, and open a trade.

You should also not forget that trading has a significant risk of losing funds. Knowledge, practice, and time are key to becoming a good trader. It is your skills that help to see the trading signal without the use of third-party software.

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